Connectivity. Being connected to the internet anytime, anywhere. We can't live without it.

Whether we are talking about business people who have to give important presentations or expect crucial info ... Or about parents who keep trying to get 'the wifi code' for the kids as quickly as possible. 

A good and fast Wi-Fi connection is almost one of our basic needs. That you, as a hotel owner, want to meet it is self-evident.

​​​​​​​​​​​L​e​t​'​s ​g​e​t in ​t​ou​ch​!

Ruckus Elite Partner

The best way to meet these - rightly - high expectations is to choose Ruckus' top products.

As both an Elite Partner and Hospitality Specialist, Ubicum also has all the knowledge to install and configure the Ruckus products in your accommodation to perfection.

It gives you perfect coverage, hyper-fast internet and thorough support. Choose Wi-Fi 6 and your Wi-Fi experience can't go wrong!

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Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 has 3 distinct advantages:

  1. Your device's battery will last longer when you surf the internet.
  2. More people can access the internet at the same time, without losing speed.
  3. Even more, more people can access the internet at the same time and you surf faster than via Wi-Fi 5.

Especially in accommodations or places where many people want to use a wifi connection at the same time, this is an absolute added value. Just think of meeting rooms, dining rooms or restaurants (although we prefer not to see guests busy on their devices there, of course), fitness rooms ... Wi-Fi 6 also comes into its own completely in student dormitories or in the care sector.

Personal Wi-Fi networks

Ease of use is paramount for your guest, resident or employee. What if we told you that we can provide a dedicated Wi-Fi network for each room or employee without having to provide a separate access point each time.

We create separate logins via the general network so that the guest only controls his own TV or the student only prints on his own printer. In this way, your employees too will only operate the devices they need. Can you imagine the possibilities? And also the frustrations you nip in the bud with this set-up? Only win-win, right?

Bridges of point-to-point connections

Do you have several buildings on 1 site? Then we provide a high-performance solution. Using bridges, we extend your wifi without any problems. Without loss of speed or coverage, of course.

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