Camera surveillance

In a place where many people can move freely, it is no luxury to install surveillance cameras.

This contributes not only to the safety of your guests, but perhaps even more to that of your employees. Of course, we always uphold privacy guidelines.

Interested? If so, we will be happy to draw up a watertight installation plan with you. You can sleep on both your ears! 

​​​​​​​​​​Let​'​s ​g​e​t in ​t​ou​c​h​!

Your plan with your settings

How and what do you want to use the camera surveillance for?
How long do you store the images? 
Do you want notification of suspicious movements?
Do you want to keep an extra eye on certain entrances or areas?
Would you like to be able to view live images via your smartphone?

A lot is possible. We will be happy to show you around!

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High-quality footage in the cloud

The cameras Ubicum uses are the absolute best. With the Avigilon Alta models, you have everything and more covered. The devices are connected in the cloud on a user-friendly dashboard. And all camera images are stored in the cloud. (No more hard disks that can be stolen, which is a known strategy of criminals anyway).

That extreme connectivity combined with the high-quality features offered by the Avigilon Alta cameras, such as superior images (up to even 61 MP), multiple lenses, enhanced low-light performance, AI technology ... undoubtedly make you and your employees feel extremely safe and secure.

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More solutions

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