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Ubicum has had purebred IT specialists in house since 2008. Which means that we at Ubicum are much more than just package sellers. We understand the underlying logic of those packages, understand how they communicate and have an unrivalled insight into the set-up possibilities.

In addition, we have been active in the hospitality sector for just as long, allowing us to present a thorough and extensive knowledge and expertise in that field. As a customer, you will therefore benefit more than once from the creative freedom we can offer you during the joint design process of all your hotel IT, as well as the feeling with the field we both love so much.

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Why choose Ubicum?

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We acknowledge that building and renovation now involves unforeseen circumstances.

And while we love efficient planning and execution where we communicate clearly, we understand that flexibility is important to you.

So when necessary, we do everything in our power to meet your deadlines. 

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At the end of the day, the work must be done.

So what we promise we do and we carry this to a high standard.

If unforeseen circumstances occur on our side, we do not sigh dejectedly but immediately set to work to provide a solution - temporary if necessary. 

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With us, no (sales) talk.

We are very open and transparent and say what it stands for. If something cannot be done, then it cannot be done. If it can be done, then you will know.

We have absolutely no need to push people in a certain direction. It saves both you and us time and frustration, doesn't it? 

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If you want information or support, we are easy to reach.

We also strive to get you ahead as quickly as possible. Every customer is equally important to us. And every problem must be solved.

That you know you can come to us for anything, and anytime, is our priority. 

These satisfied customers went before you:

We are in good company.

What we believe in

Consciously choose Ubicum and what we stand for.


Ultimately, we want every hotel or guest accommodation to be able to offer every day - to both their guests and their employees - carefree, innovative digital experiences. Because we are convinced that in this zeitgeist, this is a basic need that everyone on the move expects and simply deserves.


By always being one step ahead. We make sure we think of the guest's wishes and the employee's needs before they even think of them. We also ensure top-notch products that can meet all requirements. And we are a loyal and reliable partner along the sidelines. 


All the hospitality IT you need can be found at one address - ours. That goes from devices, licences, connections ... to professional and reliable support and assistance afterwards. 

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Find out if we can mean something to each other.

Are you genuinely interested in what we do?
And does working with us sound like your cup of tea?

Then, of course, you will want to know more about the team, about how we roll and whether you fit in with us and vice versa. One thing we can already give away. We go for attitude and interest in the field. These stand out head and shoulders above some piece of paper.

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