Hospitality TV

You cannot compare a hospitality TV or hotel TV to the one you have at home.

For a start, it guarantees twice as many burning hours and, in addition, it is controllable. All TVs are connected to the same network and, as the owner, you choose what is visible to whom and when.

Fortunately, TVs are also just a little more resilient, making replacement less likely. 

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Philips Professional Display Solutions

Ubicum consciously chooses quality and employability. That is why we cooperate with Philips Professional Display Solutions (PPDS), which guarantees us the high quality we are used to from Philips.

These high-performance devices will last their time anyway. Are you interested in smart boards or digital signage? Then know that we can take care of this for you too. 

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Built-in chromecast

Streaming or casting is already unthinkable from our daily lives. Casting is also getting easier and easier. Philips Mediasuite TVs have built-in chromecasts. Handy, right? So your guest can stream:

  • from his favourite apps on his smartphone, e.g. Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime ...
  • directly from the browser, e.g. YouTube,
  • with the smartphone's castapp so that the screen is copied to the TV screen.

When your guest can continue watching their favourite series on the move, they are guaranteed to feel a little more at home and less stressed. Blessed right?

Did you know that Ubicum realised the first hotel with Netflix in Belgium?

Smartinfo in house style

Perhaps the most interesting feature of hospitality TVs is the use of smartinfo. You decide what the guest gets to see, whether when entering the room or when turning on the TV for the first time. You can welcome the guest, provide the most important information (about breakfast and the restaurant, for example), show promotions, your menu ... You think of it and we'll take care of it. All in your house style, of course.

If your employee then also wants to shape the content of the info channel himself, he can do so via a simple dashboard. You no longer need us, but we will of course assist you when needed.

Channel offer

Channel selection - despite the increasing adoption of streaming platforms - remains incredibly important for hotels. Given that your guests are an international target group, satellite TV is by far the most appropriate choice.

Ubicum takes care of every step of that process and can advise you professionally in that area. Of course, channel packages from TV Flanders and other broadcast centres are possible.

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